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How to set the doorbells ringtone to that you want or add additional transmitter buttons/receivers?

You just need to pair receivers with transmitters for a new code one by one.

    1. Please plug one receiver in to a regular wall socket, and and pick the sound you want on this receiver.
    2. Press and hold the volume button of the receiver about 5 seconds till it blink with a "ding" sound and then immediately push one of transmitters to pair with the receiver. Finally you will hear the music you set.
    3. It's the same method to pair other transmitter to receivers.


    How to split door bells up between multi-unit transmitters and receivers?

    Firstly, clear the original old code of receivers, press and hold the forward button of receivers about 5 seconds till it blink with ding sound,

    Then pair transmitters to receivers for a new code one by one again (following above steps 1-3).

    Note: For the transmitter which don't control this receiver, please don't pair, just do nothing, only pair the transmitters that need to control it.


    How to clear old code and pair transmitter with receiver for new code?


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